Revisiting the Wasteland, Part 12 – Vegas, Baby!

After wrapping up in Needles, we take a quick detour back to the Rail Nomad’s camp to pick up another engine. Bringing it back to the garage, the mechanic fixes up the jeep for us and Ace gets us back on the road to Vegas. A short jaunt to the northwest, we arrive just in time to get jumped by a gang of thugs who steal our car. While I understand that the jeep was merely being used as a way to (quite literally) drive us along the plot, I have never much appreciated that it is taken away without so much as a fight. We are the the Rangers – we enforce justice, we stop blood cults, we hit on barmaids. We do not like “thugs” making off with our car without us even getting a chance to shoot back.

At any rate, dropped at the southeast corner of the city, it is easy to see that Vegas is far and away the largest location we’ve seen so far. It is also, we quickly discover, the most deadly. Almost immediately upon entering the city, we are set upon by packs of killer robots. Apparently these robots are the “trouble” that Ace was speaking of. Some of them are easily defeated by our current weapons, but others, like heavily armored mini-tanks, send us scurrying for cover as we are barely able to dent them.

The most dangerous of all, though, sits smack-dab in the center of the city: The Scorpitron. This giant armored tank controls the entire downtown area, and getting near it at the moment is pretty much a death sentence. Avoiding the Scorpitron makes exploration much more difficult, and it also cuts us off from a large chunk of the city. Sticking to the edges of Vegas for now, we find a surprisingly well informed hobo who gives us some vital info about the city. It seems Vegas is mostly run by Ace’s boss, Faran Brygo. However, Fat Freddy – a ruthless gangster – wants to take Brygo’s place as top man in town. Freddy has gone so far as to kidnap Convenant, one of Brygo’s men. It seems Covenant is being held in the Vegas jail by Freddy’s men. It seems that Brygo’s best man, Max, is also missing, but no one seems to know what happened to him.

Continuing our loop of the city, we stumble upon the Vegas jail and decide to liberate Convenant from Fat Freddy’s clutches. Granted, we’re not entirely clear of the situation in town, and inserting ourselves directly into the middle of a power struggle might not be the best idea, but sometimes the long arm of the law needs to make snap decisions. Covenant, at any rate, is thrilled with our decision, and offers to join us. We take him up on the offer, as he is quite the formidable fighter, with high stats and lots of valuable skills.

After finishing our sweep of the outer edges of the city, we are beaten up pretty badly from robots fights, and still have no chance of getting past the Scorpitron. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, we limp our way back into the desert and decide to explore elsewhere in the hopes of getting our hands on some better weapons and armor. Doing as men have done since the days of old,  we follow the river to see where it leads us.

Coming up to the far north edge of the map, we push Eastward along with the river. Eventually we come to a bridge and are forced south by the map’s eastern boundary. Slipping though a mountain pass, we spot a town we hadn’t noticed before. It is fortunate we arrived from this direction, as an approach from the south would’ve taken us directly into a ring of radiation around the city. Stepping into town, we are informed that we have arrived in Darwin. Like most places in the wastes, we are immediately set upon by a roving gang of thieves and robbers.

This time, at least, they are nice and soft and fleshy.


No Talking Back On This One!